Author book signings are unforgettable for many reasons:

  • You meet the brilliant person that created the plots and characters you enjoy or hate so much
  • Most authors truly enjoy meeting their fans and you will feel it
  • You can ask the author’s questions you have been wondering about
  • It increases your anticipation for their next book
  • While in line you can discuss the author’s books with other fans and maybe discover of new authors

Here’s a guide to meeting authors

  • Buy their book
  • Ask them to sign books
  • Tell them how much their work means to you
  • Have a short conversation with them
  • Tell them what you find most interesting about their writing, plots, characters…
  • Thank them for their time
  • Ask for a quick photo and be ready
  • Show them your fan art
  • Be prepared with correct spelling of the names your want included with the autograph


  • Take up too much of their time
  • Bring lots of books for autographing (limit to 3)
  • Make critiques without an invitation
  • Hug an author without permission
  • Insist that they sign something they don’t want to
  • Give them a draft of your book

We hope you take the time to meet the authors!

Everyone involved was so helpful and friendly and the audiences were among the most attentive and appreciative we've ever presented to. It was an altogether satisfying weekend.

Betsy Lewin, 2014

Have Fun At The Reading Festival!

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