Author book signings are unforgettable for many reasons:

  • You meet the brilliant person that created the plots and characters you enjoy or hate so much
  • Most authors truly enjoy meeting their fans and you will feel it
  • You can ask the author’s questions you have been wondering about
  • It increases your anticipation for their next book
  • While in line you can discuss the author’s books with other fans and maybe discover of new authors

Here’s a guide to meeting authors

  • Buy their book
  • Ask them to sign books
  • Tell them how much their work means to you
  • Have a short conversation with them
  • Tell them what you find most interesting about their writing, plots, characters…
  • Thank them for their time
  • Ask for a quick photo and be ready
  • Show them your fan art
  • Be prepared with correct spelling of the names your want included with the autograph


  • Take up too much of their time
  • Bring lots of books for autographing (limit to 3)
  • Make critiques without an invitation
  • Hug an author without permission
  • Insist that they sign something they don’t want to
  • Give them a draft of your book

We hope you take the time to meet the authors!

This was a terrific event … thanks so much for having me… my best to all.”

Michael Palmer, 2012

Have Fun At The Reading Festival!

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